Hello, I'm Eugenia Clara — art director, a doodler, a maker, and else by everyday.

My latest collaboration with
Talking Toes is out now!

I'm on the middle of work in progress.

Until then— you can find me on @eugeniaclara or @perpetualprogress or Medium, Vimeo, or Behance.


For archive of old posts @  eugeniaclara.tumblr.com

Hello, I'm Eugenia Clara, an art director by profession— and a doodler, a maker, a human and else by everyday.

I wear my heart on my sleeves and I doodle itSometimes I make things that move, write elaborated thoughts, visual dump, and etc.

My latest collaboration with Talking Toes is out now.

Watch this space— I'll come back for more.

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