Ministry of Culture, Government of India:

City of Joy

Rapid Urbanization: Urban Decay.

In its march towards economic progress, many cities have neglected old infrastructure, leading to a growing problem of urban decay. Each city, developed or emerging, has areas that are in dire need of revitalization.

Giving these spaces a second lease of life serves more than just beautifying the environment, but also helps bring local communities together and enhance quality of life.

This was a conceptual idea for Hewlett-Packard & Young Spikes Design Competition 2018.



Dubbed India’s City of Joy back in the day, Kolkata is now overtaken with derelict buildings. By 2016, there were about 3,000 unsafe buildings with 50,000 people living in them. Residents are unwilling to move because they can’t afford rent elsewhere.



Tap on millennials’ online behaviour to spread awareness of urban decay in Kolkata and in turn, revitalise the city.


Target Audience Analysis and Insight

Millennials in India spend 70% of their time on social media. Being ‘pioneer sharers’, posting cool trends online first among others, is coveted among millennials.


Creative Idea

By utilizing Hewlett-Packard printing services we promote derelict buildings in Kolkata as the new 'social media hotspot' places for the social feed of millennials — thrill seekers, OOTD enthusiasts, and pioneer sharers. A collaborative campaign between Hewlett-Packard and Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India.



We use millennials’ passion points to raise awareness of urban decay and motivate change in Kolkata. Every photo posted with #cityofjoy, will see a dollar channeled to the Ministry of Culture, Government India.

Hopefully, this movement will trickle to a wider audience– millennials from other countries, seeing that they are all equally passionate about social media- to take part in this social campaign for Kolkata.

Start with—

We will create interactive installations and vinyl wall stickers that will be spread on pinpoints location around the city. All collaterals and arts are printed using HP Latex Printing Technology to paste on the walls of decrepit buildings. These stickers aren’t just eye candy pieces, but showcase the profound culture of Kolkata – from literary geniuses, to renowned filmmakers and dramatists. Essentially, to get people to realise the need for revitalisation in such a culturally rich city.


We will paste vinyl poster on old buildings with poem by selected Kolkata's literary great, along with information and #CityofJoy.


We build a photo-prop for people to relive the memories of movie scene by selected Kolkata's great filmmaker that shot around the city.


We build a photo-prop for people to relive the memories of movie scene by selected Kolkata's great filmmaker that shot around the city.


Also utilizing HP's outdoor wall-decal printing, we're decorating tough surface ruined building with art and poem by selected Kolkata's famous literary great, along with information and #CityofJoy.

And then—


To generate buzz of the stickers and decrepit buildings, we will literally put them on a map and posters – printed using HP Page XL printers.


The map will be placed around town – at bus stops, outside malls, airports and tourist centers to highlight these buildings and the cause.


The poster will be pasted around the city – particularly near millennial-popular places like outside malls to gather people to notice and at least, visit these places.



After snapping a photo with these outdoor pieces, millennials can be the first one to share on their social feed #cityofjoy


For every hashtag on Instagram and Facebook, a dollar will be donated to the Ministry of Culture, Government India. This fund will eventually be used to revitalise the derelict buildings around Kolkata.



Art Director      : Eugenia Clara
Copywriter       : Amyraa Zukiman.


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