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Your Marketplace is a decentralized data Marketplace that facilitates the buying and selling of data assets for enterprises. Acentrik strives to contribute to enterprises’ successes by connecting Data Consumers and Data Publishers efficiently and securely with the best user experience. It's made by Daimler and Ocean Protocol.

The problem was, Acentrik have most of everything settled: the name, the blockchain technology, the systems, the whitepaper, and all — but they were lack of branding, the front face, and need help to make sense of it.

So Grove, the agency, was hired to work alongside Acentrik for branding consultancy, PR articles, and help with their Logo. My role as Sr. Art Director include leading the Logo Design for Acentrik, partnering with copywriter, Acentrik's in-house product design, and direct stakeholders to produce a strong presence of a logo that represent what's the Acentrik is all about.

This is the first project in Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency, the thing that I'm passionated and highly interested in. Multiple rounds and calls, all done remotely ✨, which is the true essence of being on decentralized: distance does not matter cause in blockchain, everything is possible (so long there's internet!).

The WIP Progress:

The Results:

The final logo of Acentrik is finally settled — this option was chosen cause the concept of "hidden i" that picking the idea of Acentrik being the decentralized marketplace that works behind the scene connecting data publisher dan data researcher; with transparent, effective, and trusty process utilizing blockchain technology.

Along with the main Logo, there're various logo adaptation for multiple usage provided too. Including the 'Logomark' that will act as alternative logo on limited space (such as app icon and website favicon).

Logo system is built to ensure and guides designers and developers make use of the logo and branding in the right place and purpose.


Grove, a Coconuts Media In-House Agency

Art Director & Designer:
Eugenia Clara

Summer Lee & Andre Fois



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