Adobe MAX
CoCreate 2021

Creativity For All.

Adobe MAX is a virtual event featuring live and on- demand content, including sessions, labs, keynotes, musical performances and celebrity guest appearances, plus sneak peeks of new Adobe features straight from our labs.

Adobe MAX: 2021 is the second year where it held totally online and free for everyone. Adobe was looking for range of creatives ("CoCreator") to help running the conference and supply the visual needs.

I'm part of #CoCreator for 2021 as Newsroom Designer, where I made the Adobe’s social with relatable real-time contents.The posts were shared on Adobe’s facebook, twitter, and instagram during Adobe MAX CoCreate 2021 Event.

How It Started:

The Deliverables:

There are 5 concept of contents that I made:


How It Went:

Social posts of Adobe's official accounts!


Creative Overview:
Tarn, Creative Director @ Adobe

Concept + Design + Animation + Content Production:
Eugenia Clara


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