Healthy Air For
A Healthy Life

Aria is a company that focused on the wellbeing of air quality for all Indonesian. With the vision of ‘Healthy air for a healthy life’ - Aria creates air quality operating systems that help everyday Indonesian pay attention and improve the quaility of the air that they breathe through their products:

• AirTest is the air monitor gadget that will read the air quality -  where the datas are synchronyze and fully accesible via mobile app everywhere on the go.

• Pure40 is the air purifier with HEPA filter that will do the work — cleaning  dust, viruses and bacteria from the air till the ideal air quality score is reached.

My role as Creative Lead is to conceptualize, direct, and lead the launch campaign of Aria. This include setting the overall brand tone, look and feel, launch ideas, and visual guides for producing the assets needed; delegate and collaborate with Designer, Photographer/ Videographer, as well Stakeholders to ensure the deliveries so that Aria have set the foot right on their launch day.

The launch was done on web reveal, as well on instagram, youtube, and marketplace channel.

This is the first creative project that I’ve done fully remote while on lockdown. This shows that, even with limitation and strange times, what seemed like impossible before, is made possible. What it takes is the team with strong vision and ready to make things happen — and bunch of calls and decks in between cause we still love what we do even the world was in shambles.

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The Working Deck

The Results:

These are series of snapshot on Aria Launch Campaign on website, instagram, youtube, and article features on news website.



Creative Overview                : VJ Anand / Piotr Jakubowski
Creative Lead/ Art Director: Eugenia Clara
Designer                                    : Astrid Tanuwijaya
Studio                                          : Aria in-house Production


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