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On September 2021 — Coconuts turned 10! To commemorate the big milestone — we’re making mementos of what’s been going on for a decade.

My role as Sr. Art Director is being the creative lead for concepting, designing and producing all of the 10th Anniversary Campaign assets that ranged from:
→ Special 10th Anniversary Website Page
→ Infographics and Social Contents
→ 10th Merchandise Special


Scroll down to see teh details + final look

Coconuts is 10! Single Page Website

From the sketch ↓


Coconuts is 10! Milestone - Infographic & Contents


Coconuts is 10! Merchandise Special

To commemorate the first decade celebration, We designed a special 10th Anniversary merch, too!
The first is a Poster Series that highlight the best performing headlines across 8 cities in the past 10 years.
And the second merchandise is: a 10th Special Bucket Hat.

Checkout the merch at ✨

Untitled-te_0001_Layer 1
Untitled-te_0000_Layer 2

Promotional video and banners are made to promote the 10th Special Anniversary Merchandise across social platform and websites.


Creative Lead/ Art Director:
Eugenia Clara

Coconuts Editorial Team:
Julianne Greco, Clarissa Cortes

Philip L.


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