Overhaul is an alternative online publisher reaching an audience of millions with fresh and juicy stories and videos. The news and lifestyle website produces in-depth coverage of what’s happening in Bangkok, Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bali, Yangon, and beyond.

→ Right now, there're team of journalist, writers, editors, and contributors spread across 8 cities with different timezones.
→  Instagram is one of the main social channel to promote the news’ site — therefore as part of the content plan, several news pushed as content to drive traffic to the website daily.

• Due to timezone differences and the nature of news; writers, and journalist are the one that as well produce the instagram content on the go with very minimal design skill and app.
• Coconuts instagram had not have a content layout system yet.
• Current Instagram template doesn’t reflect Coconuts branding.

As Sr. Art Director to Grove, the in-house agency of Coconuts Media— I’m redesigning the Coconuts visual for social feed to have 3 changes to the problem:
→ Layout system for social media posts
→ Update with multi format contents type
→ Make it available and accessible for anyone with limited tools and resources.

Please scroll down to have a look how I did it

The Working Deck

The Results:

There are 3 Key Changes:

The new Coconuts layout system
The nature of the feature images are vary so a fluid headlines placeholder is set to accomodate.
Plus, more Coconuts brand identity on each template and looks neat on the overall grid looks cleaner.

Multi Format Content Types
The Layout system addressed the multiple type of contents in multiple formats.
• For static — there's standard 1:1 and carousel posts style.
• For Video in 1x1, 4:5, 16x9 format.
• Special layout for Headline only, and for sponsored post.
• And others

It's Made For Everyone

Most importantly, the layout template is accessible for everyone. the Coconuts media (website and IG) runs by multiple contributors across SEA & HK. The Social Media Template needs to facilitate and address the needs of multiple contributors with different accessibility. Therefore all of the layouts are stored and adapted online via google slide, where any contributors and writers with no-design skills can produce their own content, even they only have mobile phones with them. This breaking the barrier that existed previously (i.e lack of editing apps for writers, being mobile with limited tools, etc).


Overview of the new layout


Layout for Carousel style post: Full screen images with bigger text for better readability on instagram


Alternative layout usage for video content with headlines

And behind all that, here's a peek to the template that have been adapted to Google Slide along with the guidelines on how to use it, for every editor and contributor to make their own wherever they are, whenever they need, with whatever gadget they have!

Check out @Coconuts for your daily does of what's up on SEA + HK!

Creative Lead/ Art Director: Eugenia Clara


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