Gardens By The Bay
Rose Romance

To create a digital-social campaign for Gardens By The Bay’s new limited time attraction ‘Rose Romance’, featuring different breed of Rose flowers.

When it comes to modern day relationships, romance has suffered a double whammy: people either have a warped, materialistic interpretation of romance, or believe it to be dead. However, that’s not entirely true. True romance and affection is still alive and well – you just need to know where to look, and take the lead from the right inspiration.

Singapore Love Story creates a celebration of romance that comes alive with our seasonal display, through experiences and memories that resonate with Singaporeans. From activations and content that touch on heartwarming takes between couples, family, and friends, we show how Singapore’s romance comes back stronger than ever at Rose Romance.

Key Visual

A Red Rose as an icon to the Rose Romance is featured, along with the organic handlettering, surrounded by hand-made doodles against paper texture.

This visual style is chosen to enhance the spirit of romance in its truest form: raw, genuine, as it is.



The campaign kicked off with releasing a sets of wallpaper freebie, featuring the upcoming Rose Romance attraction.

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 02.01.35


On the Rose Romance opening day— series of social contents are uploaded to create the conversation and awareness.

It started with a Giveaway Post, utilising Instagram Stories feature where user able to tag and interact with different accounts (traction gained).


The social calendar continue with series of instagram post, done in the most Singaporean's way— like Chope (the act to reserve), and Bandung 'Gao' (romantic-looking drink, often found in Hawker).


Facebook & Instagram – Caption Copy:

Foolproof your visit to Rose Romance by tagging your loved ones and best buds in the comments below, to set a date and ‘chope’ them for some quality time together at the Gardens! No flying aeroplane at the last minute, and cannot say ‘bojio’. Kthxbye. #RoseRomanceGBB #GardensbytheBay


Facebook & Instagram – Caption Copy:

Did someone order bandung ‘gao’? Because Rose Romance is serving up 40 different species of roses, from all around the world this season! Tag your bandung ‘kakis’ and rose lovers in the comments below to ‘jio’ them for a rosy date to remember – 100%, guarantee, plus chop. #RoseRomanceGBB #GardensbytheBay


Facebook & Instagram – Caption Copy:

These sunshine blooms are perfect for those who brighten up your life – like a best friend you’ve known since Primary 1, your favourite cai png stall aunty or your work buddy who always gets your morning kopi. They make a great ‘thank you’ gift for friendship that’s grown over the years, and to spread well wishes to those you care for.

So gather your best buds and come down to take in the sights of cheery yellow roses in Flower Dome, like ‘The Pilgrim’ which has a sweet, gentle scent of tea and myrrh. 💐  #RoseRomanceGBB #GardensbytheBay


Facebook & Instagram – Caption Copy:

One thing that’s bound to make your sweetheart feel all warm and fuzzy inside, is receiving a luscious bunch of rich red roses. Whether to celebrate a monthsary, to pop the big BTO question, or just to spring a random, pleasant surprise! These are a beautiful, simple way of telling them ‘I love you’.

Want to go bigger than a bouquet? Bring your beau down to Flower Dome where you can see red roses aplenty, like the ‘Bernard Mas’ rose that has uniquely coloured petals with red edges, a silver underside and a golden-yellow centre! 🌹#RoseRomanceGBB #GardensbytheBay



Agency                  : Tribal Worldwide
Art Director            : Eugenia Clara
Copywriter             : Caren Keung
ACD                      : Dawn Y. & HuiYu


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