GOJEK Indonesia

GO-JEK is the leading of Indonesia’s online service range from motorbike taxi, motorbike courier, motorbike food delivery, car on demand, mover on demand, along with other services i.e on-demand helper, cleaner, massage and reflexion, home cleaning, vehicle services, even make-up artist.

GO-JEK partners with 100,000+ vendors (and growing) - and they have lots of ongoing promo going on at each different business units.

To gather all promos information and let costumers know ongoing promo easily,
a dedicated instagram account is made. It’s called @gojekpromo.

Prior to @gojekpromo account launch, I was commissioned to create typography visual assets for 3 teaser videos.



Agency                                       : GOJEK Creative Labs
Art Director/ Typography            : Eugenia Clara
Video Editor + Producer             : Iqbal Aditya


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