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Somebody told me ‘only people in advertising takes advertising seriously’ - and I think it’s alright, cause we should take whatever we do seriously, anyway. But same goes with troll, it takes the hate seriously and spew it in internet anonymously. The thing is, you can never really know how much the impact on different person. Some can shrug it off and close the tab, but some think of it late at night before they sleep.

Now how are we going to harvest this ever-growing bountiful troll hates into something useful than a waste of space in pixelated screens?

We turned it into art and call it Jolly Trolly.

Wrapping up 2017— we’ve picked out 10 nastiest anonymous troll comments in the Advertising world and turned them into beautiful notebooks to inject positivity and inspire great ideas for 2018 at All proceed from the sale will go directly to The Red Pencil - an NGO that partners with hospitals, family centres, homes, shelters and schools, using arts for emotional therapy.

An initiative project from iris Worldwide— a collaboration between fellow Art Directors.

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Agency: iris Worldwide
ECD: Ed Cheong
Art Directors: Eugenia Clara, Daniel Aung, Tania Sim, Royston Ang, Jessie J.
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