Mizone (Danone):
Mizone Activ'

Mizone as one of the leading brand of isotonic drink in Indonesia, launched a new flavour called Mizone Activ' the same time with Ramadan month. How to make the launch bang and give more to than just ion replenish benefit?

During Ramadan, the fasting month, millennials reluctantly active cause they reserved their energy during the day and slack away on their smartphones. What if Mizone encourage them to stay active without tiring them out?

We create Ramadan Activ, a website-based games uniquely created to follow Ramadan theme. Ramadan Activ is a finger-touch-enabled activity that get millennials active even during the ‘toughest hour’ which were 3 to 5 PM and 2 to 4 AM - the peak time for Indonesian accessing internet during Ramadan. 

Resulting 42,490 total visitors - 34,367 are active users across Ramadan month, this digital activation is also Finalist on Digital - Mobile Web Sites and Web Apps category on Citra Pariwara.

Scroll down to see study case video, board, and web-app shots!

8771_Ramadan Active

Website UI


Mobile UI


Identity and Visuals are developed to have 'handmade' feelings. Custom Typography by me :)


Character sprites



Agency                  : VML Indonesia
CD                         : Jerry Soeria
Jr. Art Director       : Eugenia Clara
Copywriter             : Mare Nurismarsyah
Developer              : Agate Studio


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