Create Connection
& Conversation Through Pop Culture

MyRepublic is one of the Singapore’s leading internet provider and Number 01 for Gaming internet service for its speeds and best-seller Gamers bundles. The audiences are modern, internet savvy, millennials and gen-z with online entertainment, techies and games interest at heart. 

 We develop a comprehensive and scalable social media content strategy for MyRepublic’s Facebook and Instagram platforms to include with the objective to grow and maintain conversations and clicks to website.

In short: we create a connection & conversation through pop culture
(and get paid to make memes for MyRepublic’s audiences)

As Sr. Art Director, I'm leading the crative concept, as well designing, animating, and producing the contents that runs on MyRepublic social channels. 

And it worked!

✓ Higher Engagement on MyRepublic Facebook & Instagram (KPIs Unlocked!)

✓ Established Signature Memes with MyRepublic aesthetic and branding

Extended Contract cause we score 💯 and beyond (💸💸💸)

Selected Examples of Contents We've Made:


Grove, a Coconuts Media In-House Agency

MyRepublic Singapore

Concept + Design + Animation + Content Production:
Eugenia Clara

Summer Lee & Andre Fois


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