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• In Indonesia, Royco (known as Knorr internationally) has a website for all one-stop solutions for cooking-related content: recipes, all the products, cooking videos, everything. They’re huge on Facebook Page with more than 12M+ following as well.

• Most of the consumer look into both website and social media to interact with brands, or simply finding cooking-related contents. Almost all the contents link back to the website.

• There’re 1/3 of users’ profiles are from SES B & C where they’re known to have limited access to the internet, let alone having smartphones.


Cooking are made for everybody. How is Royco, as the staple cooking household brand in Indonesia, going to give full experience and make Royco’s website contents and recipes easily accessible for users in SES B and C?

And then—
We partnered with Indonesia by Facebook to create a light version of Royco’s website.

In this .org version, everyone who doesn’t have internet data, or who’s using feature phones — can access the light-version of the website for free.

We developed and rebuilt a basic HTML & CSS version that is faster, lighter (compression in contents)— made to fit smaller screens while retaining the legibility and with clear directions to navigate.

This way, everyone (from feature phone users to smartphone) can learn and cook with Royco.

10 dot org


Agency                        : VML Indonesia
CD                               : Jerry Soeria
Design & Art Direction : Eugenia Clara
Developer                    : Guntur Rahardja


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