Starbucks X Paul & Joe

Starbucks is often deliver a collaborative project for products with designers in the past. Now, how are we going to make this upcoming collaboration launch with Paul & Joe be more memorable and buzzing?

We take a strategy leap- the bold way forward on one page.
By leveraging our designers’ equity to create small-batch, finite and chaseable experiences that over time, establishes Starbucks as a trendy lifestyle brand.

Introducing: Starbucks X.

Starbucks X is a ground medium to contain the collaborative projects— The hype needs to built for the designer collaboration platform. This makes each designer launch a cultural event to anticipate. All collections ladder up to the bigger ambition as Starbucks is trendy lifestyle brand that curates the richest breadth of style expressions from all over the globe, exclusively for different groups of audiences in Asia.

Who is Starbucks X?

Starbucks X navigates the globe, seeking out the best artists to partner with and sharing their unique discoveries with us. Like any intrepid traveller, they immerse themselves in each experience while inviting us to experience their journey as they unveil their latest treasure.

The Starbucks X microsite will serve as the main curation platform to share their discoveries:
– Creating an immersive narrative for their audience
– Embracing the look and feel of their latest adventure
– Elevating Starbucks’ brand equity as a curator across cultures

Now, it's the Starbucks X Paul & Joe. 



Introducing the Starbucks X.

Days prior to the launch, we will establish that Starbucks, as a curator of unique cultural experiences, has searched far and wide to find the perfect partner for their upcoming collaboration.


Introducing the journey: Starbucks X Paul & Joe

In the social posts that follow, little hints about the collaboration will be given, without revealing the brand’s name, to keep consumers intrigued.
They will be directed to the microsite to find out more.


An email will be sent to our customers, informing them about the Starbucks X platform and intriguing them to participate in the journey.


A series of Instagram stories will add to the intrigue behind Starbucks X and their latest adventure.

The microsite.

Launch + Amplification


Utilizing Starbucks social medias account— Elements of the collection, such as its design or the illustration of Gipsy, will be featured in our grand reveal on launch day.

The microsite.


At the end of our Parisian adventure of Paul & Joe, we keep consumers on their toes about the next chapter in our journey and upcoming collaborations.

It lived!

A series of screenshotted released of Starbucks X Paul & Joe across Asia market
Q3 2018 :)

Agency              : Iris Worldwide Singapore
ECD                  : Ed Cheong
Art Director       : Jessie RJL, Eugenia Clara
Copywriter        : Racquel Narciso, Marylin P., Amyraa Z.
Producer          : Jenni Stiebel.


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