Starbucks UV:
The Cooler Side

Make the limited edition Ultraviolet Ice Blended the talk of the town amongst Thailand and Philipines centennials.

Like blacklight in the dark, Starbucks Ultraviolet
makes the other side of everything glow, revealing a vibrant world never seen before.

To make the Ultraviolet the talk of town this summer,
we’ll ask everyone one thought-provoking question.
What’s your other side? What’s your cooler side?

With #WatchaAKA ( = What’s your As Known As) as the headline of the launch campaign.


Art direction moodboards: Ultraviolet, Blacklight, Texture, Light that depict otherworld-ly feeling.



Custom Fonts

I took the extra step to develop custom-made font (utilizing my typography skills) as part of campaign identity, make it one of its kind.


Even though this idea has evolved to something completely different (due to a change of strategy),
we had so much fun doing the concepts, crafting and making the all possible collaterals for the whole launch campaign.



We kept the launch a mystery to stoke everyone's excitement. Partnering seemingly ordinary people who have hidden exceptional talent,
we created series of social content teasers to hint at the cooler side of the new drink, and mural installation.

A Prelaunch 0

One and a half week before launch, we’ll gradually release a mysterious Instagram puzzle, inviting people to figure the puzzle themselves. This will not only make our campaign more interactive, but also help Starbucks Ultraviolet get an extra glow on everyone’s Instagram feed.

A Prelaunch 2

And at the same time, we will install a time-sensitive hints on Starbucks store, that can only be seen midnight when the special blacklight lights shine through the wall.


The final piece of the puzzle will provide
instructions on how to participate in the secret launch event
we're proposing.


On launch day— we will do series of activation, in-store take over, and social posts to sustain the talk.

A launch-

On launch day, the social medias will dropping the launch post with witty animation.

A Launch 3

Seleceted Starbucks outlet will have 'Ultraviolet ##watchAKA' takeover.

A launch-2

On launch day, the social medias will dropping the launch post with witty animation.


The ideas to keep the amplification running.

A Post Launch

We’ll place a blacklight box photo prop on selected Starbucks outlet, where costumers are invited to write their #watchaAKA alias.

People will be encouraged to take boomerangs with the blacklight and challenge their friends to do the same using #IAmAKA #WhatchaAKA

We will feature the best entries on Instagram.

A Post Launch

Also, develop bespoke press  releases to excite and entice consumers
and raise awareness of the activity surrounding the launch.



Agency                  : Iris Worldwide
Creative Director   : Cheng Shu Yau
Art Director            : Daniel Aung
Jr. Art Director       : Eugenia Clara
Copywriter             : Anh Nguyen
Jr. Copywriter        : Amyraa Zukiman


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