Spotify Indonesia

2 months after launched in Indonesia, Spotify is looking for new creative power house to help them maintain excitement and going deeper to Indonesian daily life.

What Happened:
We pitched for Social Media & Campaign strategies that hits Spotify’s bullseye target audience and keep the hype going for Indonesians— the right way.

We research and gather data from the previous launch, what’s missing, and what can be improved and done better differently.

These includes:

• Creative strategies that highlighting “Indonesian traits” and seep right to Indonesian youths and cultures in general.

• >60% Spotify active users are commuter/ people who stuck in traffic, so we give the best music experience with Spotify to go through the daily activities.

• Indonesian landscape that able long road trips give lots of space for Spotify to tapped the timing.

• Curator playlist program that up-to-date with the latest trends in Indonesia. It’s always nice to have the right music for the right mood.

• Appeal to vibrant, fun, and welcoming music people by making cinematograph, gif and all sort of trendy contents that’s more than just ‘instagrammable’ but also emboldened the Spotify spirit.

• Giving free-spirit, open-minded, and colorful identity trough visual and tone of voice.

• Contents calendars with more localized and relatable context to get Indonesians hooked, not just merely adapting global direction.


We won the pitch.



Agency                  : VML Indonesia
CD                         : Jerry Soeria
Creatives               : Eugenia Clara (Art), Anindita Lint (Copy)
Social Lead            : Brama Danuwinata


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