Light Up the Night.

Volkswagen Singapore is launching a $528 LED stripe to enhance the sideview mirror. How to make the promotion not too sales-y?

No one really needs expensive LED stripe to signal if they're turning left or right. However, people love the idea that when they're driving in the night, the light from the car is the guiding light that gives life in the dark.

So we're selling the attitude, the feeling, the sentiment.

With animatic LED stripe that beam up everytime you take turn,
you light up the night.


Art direction moodboards: Typography, street light, street mood, ambience.

The challanges are: there's no budget to shoot and production.
So we go creative with what we can get.

Key Visual

The Dynamic LED light automatically light up everytime car turns; taking this concept, we portray the 'turns' and 'edges' of the car journey as part of the visual.

I go extra by making custom-made typography, making it's one of its own. The light trails leaving a long-exposure effect created conceptual typography piece, showcasing headline in style. 

The Launch

With some strategy changed along the way,  we now compromise the typography treatment to make it readable in all format, tiny to large.
But the messaging is still strong as ever: Light Up the Night At Every Corner.

Scroll down to see the print, social, digital poster.


Direct Mailer, Print.


Volkswagen's website, single page.

Social Media Post, ´╗┐Animation.


Digital poster, portrait.


Digital poster, landscape.



Agency                  : Tribal DDB
Sr. Art Director      : Lam Wen Jie
Art Director            : Eugenia Clara
Sr. Copywriter       : Cozette Hendricks
DI House               : Digitalis


┬ę 2022 Eugenia Clara | instagram / behance / medium / vimeo / linkedin